Destination: Dundas, Ont. Day-Trip Hiking

More photos coming eventually! I’ll let you know from my Facebook page when I add more!

The above panorama is from the highest view over Dundas, Hamilton, Ont. taken on December 27, 2015 at a sight called Dundas Peak. It’s a short walk through a forest path off of Harvest Road, Passing Websters and Tews Falls along the way. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to pass easily between Websters and Tews falls as a fence has been built between them.

Take Short off of Harvest all the way through to the dead end parking lot, and Websters falls is footsteps away. To access Tews, park in the lot off of Harvest. The lots are monitored via by-law officers, and parking is roughly $10 a day, payable by cash or credit. According to, a shuttle is available from alternate parking at the Christie Lake Conservation Area on holiday weekends.

Tews is an Amazon-looking falls along Spencer Creek. It’s about ten metres shorter than Niagara Falls and spills into a heavily forested gorge. The flat rock face doesn’t stretch much past the falls itself, but the escarpment ridge allows hikers to walk along either side for fantastic views.

IMG_3761 Falls Full.jpg

Canon Rebel SL1 | Canon EFS 18mm – 55mm | f/22 | 1.3sec | ISO 100 | December 27, 2015
Continue up the stairs past Tews falls and hike along the wooded path to find the cliff that overlooks Dundas. The path is somewhat maintained, but roots and debris from trees are often obstacles. For those with pains, balance or age holding them back, a set of hiking poles will make the trip safer, easier and more enjoyable. It is not an even path, there are many inclines.

The park is especially scenic in autumn, when transitions in leaf colour cascade through the gorge below.

Standing atop the rock face I often stop for a hot drink from a thermos and stare out at the city in the distance, or down at the skinny creek trickling away from the falls a few kilometers in the distance. Families stop in quickly, couples sit on the rocks and embrace in the seclusion, adolescents crush beers and get loud (hopefully they clean up after themselves,) but for the most part this is a quiet, and if you are lucky, private spot to reflect.

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