Smallmouth Bass Fishing from a Canoe in Cambridge, Ontario, 2020

In part two of my last video post, Pete and I make our way upstream from the Galt dam and past Riverbluffs Park. We manage to hook into some little smallmouth in the rocky, waist-deep, slightly faster waters with inline spinners and a small fantail jig.

I made some incorrect comments to a woman in this video, my information must have been out of date.

First, I said that the Government of Canada website listed data that suggested the Grand is safer to eat fish from than Lake Huron. It’s that the information can be found, and it appears now that Huron is safer.

You can find the consumption advisory tables for most bodies of water in Ontario, but here are the Grand River and Lake Huron for your own comparison.

I also mentioned a clean river detail as being started in the 1980’s. Not nearly that long ago, it was started in 2006 as a response to the Walkerton tragedy. You can find that information here.

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